19 mei 2022

We have been living in 2022 for a while in which we fully enjoy our freedom of movement. Plans are being made again. During the past years we have come to appreciate our interior more and more. Your interior reflects who you are. A safe, well balanced and soothing 'nest'. The great thing about this is that we notice that Goround Interior has remained close to its mission all these years and now fits seamlessly into the demand that arises from the emerging home trends. There is a great need for products with a soul that make the connection inside - outside. And it so happens that the our product range does just that. It is made of natural materials with organic shapes that create a natural laidback vibe both indoors and outdoors!


Lounging area outside

A lounging area in the garden is no longer an exception. And what you experience inside you want outside as well. Extension of your inside living space and the vibe that goes with it. Goround sees it as a mission to make that happen. 
Our product range has everything to create what you want.  A regularly changing range of small furniture and accessories in various green, warm red and brown tones. The colors of 2022. And in addition to that, light naturals alternated with colorful designs and graphic prints for which Goround is so famous. Holiday season is coming up and we can all travel abroad again but doesn't it feel good when you come home and you realize that 'home really is Sweet Home'.
Have a nice day!
Team Goround