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Where to buy - B2B

You can order directly online,
but you are also always welcome in our showroom!

If you give us a call, we will make sure we will be there..

Goround Showroom
Hornweg 77N
1432 GD Aalsmeer

Agent Germany
We are looking for experienced agents in Germany. Are you interested?

Let us know.

Retailers can also buy our goods at several addresses in Holland and Belgium:
Tica Aalsmeer
Randweg 155 
1422 ND Uithoorn
The Netherlands
standnummer: blauw A5+B3

Trends&Trade Venlo
Floralaan 31
5928 RD Venlo
The Netherlands
standnummer: H2.13
Van Remoortel
Schrijberg 189-193
9111 Belsele
standnummer: C92-C93